EH Series – Standard Series

The Max-Air EH Series electro-hydraulic actuator is the standard and highly customizable solution for self-contained fail-safe electro-hydraulic ESD applications. In addition, the EH Series provides a robust and cost-effective platform for on/off, modulating, double-acting, spring-return, and any combination of operational requirements, including modulating double-acting fail-in-place control. Precisely manufactured for ordinary (NEMA 4,4X and IP65) and explosion proof (Class 1 Div 2, NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 9, IP67) environments, these units are a dependable solution and an excellent cost effective alternative to fail-safe electric actuators.

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EHS – Slimline Series

The Max-Air EHS Slimline Series electro-hydraulic actuators have taken the best features of the EH Standard Series and implemented a new circuit board control technology designed to minimize the package size, and also the overall cost. This new series is offered in On/Off and Modulating configuration, for ordinary environments (NEMA 4,4X and IP65) and explosion proof installations (Class 1 Div 2, NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 9, IP67).

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EHD – Heavy Duty Series

The Max-Air EHD Heavy Duty Series electro-hydraulic actuators are built upon the Max-Air SHD/CHD Scotch Yoke platform for even higher torque applications, up to 2,738,990 in-lbs (228,250 ft-lbs). Available in standard configuration for easy customization (utilizing an appropriate electrical enclosure and desired electronics), or available with the same circuit board technology of the EHS Slimline Series in order to keep the overall envelope size as small as possible.