Food & Beverage

Every item in your refrigerator was packaged at a food and beverage facility using some sort of automated process—a process that is heavily monitored and regulated. As such, the food and beverage industry encounters unique obstacles when outfitting their facilities. Equipment must be corrosion resistant to withstand the wash-down applications; it also must be precise, sanitary, and reliable. Max-Air Technology has helped to outfit leaders in the food and beverage industry since 1999; our products are used in facilities that prepare Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, French’s mustard, Kellogg’s cereals, and more.


Take a look in your medicine cabinet. Chances are, Max-Air Technology products had a hand in manufacturing at least one of the common household items you see. Much like the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry demands a safe and sterile working environment. Precision flow control and tight closures are essential. In addition, the equipment must resist corrosion and other deterioration, and maintain operability and reliability. Max-Air Technology’s products have been used in Bayer Corporation facilities, Elan Pharmaceutical, Bausch & Lomb Inc., and more.

Consumer Goods

Consumer spending in emerging markets is projected to triple the demand for consumer goods by the year 2030 (  Max-Air has experience working with manufacturers to select the right products and controls to manage a variety of processes such as fluid mixing/diverting, bulk material handling, air conveying, etc.

Information Technology

IT infrastructure forms the backbone of modern businesses, large and small. Corporations with large scale facilities require highly reliable cooling systems for critical services with minimal to no down time. Max-Air Technology’s actuators and control accessories are designed to maximize mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) so and minimize maintenance requirements.


The chemical industry sector is dangerous—and delicate. Automation technologies must be extremely precise in order to avoid catastrophes. In addition, the substances passing through such equipment demand corrosion resistance and reliability. Max-Air Technology’s attention to design and materials makes it a leading partner for those in this heavily-regulated industry. Our varied line of products have been tested over time and proven to perform well when exposed to sensitive chemicals.

Pulp & Paper

Throughout the country, pulp and paper mills are making significant investments in automation to improve efficiency and more comprehensively meet stringent environmental regulations. In addition, these facilities must document increased safety, precision, and corrosion-resistant technologies. Max-Air has been serving pulp and paper facilities for many years; we understand the unique challenges and regulations encountered by this industry.


Automobile manufacturing processes have greatly evolved since the birth of the industry. Safer, more efficient and less wasteful facilities demand tight automation controls. Max-Air Technology has developed reliable, rugged products and has the right technical expertise to help meet the constant challenges faced by such a competitive industry.


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Power plants and facilities in the power industry face increasingly difficult challenges in today’s environment. Not only are there demands for improved efficiencies, but there are also increasing pressures to become better environmental stewards. These concerns are compounded by the unique safety and temperature issues that have always been important for engineers and plant managers in the power industry to address. Max-Air Technologies has been creating solutions for power industry-specific challenges for more than a decade.


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Shipping & Offshore

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Water & Wastewater

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Oil & Gas

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