45 Series

The Max-Air 45 Series aluminum and stainless steel series limit switch boxes are an extremely reliable, robust, and time tested solution for your position monitoring needs. Switches available with mechanical, proximity and inductive switch types, and fully certified to North American and European standards.

Switch Types Available

Code Ref Description
O MS Omron SS-5 or SSG, SPDT, 5A 250V
S MS Omron SS-01, SPDT, 0.1A 125VAC 30VDC, Gold Plated Contacts
0 PS Magnetic Reed Hamlin (Low Power, 5W Max)
A IS IFM NS5002 EExia (7.5-30 DC, NC; Nominal 8.2 DC)
B IS IFM IS5001 DC 3 Wire PNP Switch (10-36V, NO)
D IS IFM IS5026 DC 2 Wire PNP or NPN (5-36V, Programmable)
E IS IFM IS0003 AC/DC 2 Wire Inductive (20-140VAC/10-140VDC, NO)
F IS P&F NJ2-V3-N Namur 2 Wire (8.2V, NC, EExia Rated)
G IS P&F NBB2-V3-E2 DC 3 Wire PNP (10-30V, NO)
H IS P&F NBB3-V3-Z4 DC 2 Wire (5-60V, NO)
K IS P&F NBB2-V3-E3 DC 3 Wire PNP (10-30V, NC)
L IS P&F NBB2-V3-E0 DC 3 Wire NPN (10-30V, NO)
N IS P&F NCB2-V3-N0 Namur (8.2V, NC, EExia Rated)

Features and Benefits

Compact Design

Compact construction significantly minimizes valve package envelope size.

Quick Set Cams

The operating position of the switches can be easily changed by manually adjusting the high-resolution spline cams. The cams are spring backed and will not be affected by normal vibration.

Easy Wiring

Standard with two (2) ½” conduit entries and an 8-point angled terminal strip to facilitate ease of wiring.

High Visibility Beacon

High visibility indicator offers clear location of the current valve position. Alternative 3-way (L-Port and T-Port) indicators as well as throttle Arrow indicators for butterfly valves applications are also available.

Captive Cover Bolts

Switch boxes come standard with stainless steel captive cover bolts.

Inclusive Mounting Bracket

NAMUR 80mm x 30mm x H30mm stainless steel bracket supplied as standard with stainless steel fastening hardware for ease in mounting the switch box onto an actuator.


CSA Approved for Classes 3211 06 and 3211 86 for Industrial Controls Equipment. Testing conducted according to the applicable sections of CAN/CSA C22/2. ANSI/UL 508 and ANSI/UL 50.