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World Headquarters
Sede Centrale

Emme Technology S.r.l.
Via Socrate, 10
20864 Agrate Brianza (MB) Italy

Tel: +39.039.902.0000 Fax: +39.039.902.0001

North American Headquarters
Filiale Americana

Max-Air Technology Inc.
114 Resource Drive Wentzville, MO 63385
Tel: +1 636 272 4934  Fax: 636.272.4937
Toll Free: 888.842.9998 

Asian Operations
Filiale Asiatica

Max-Air Technology Co. Ltd
B501 Kaiyuan Building. No.1
Baotuquan North Road, Jinan 250011
Shandong, China

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Emme Technology Srl

Emme Technology Srl is a worldwide leader in automation technology and process control products. For almost 20 years we have used our engineering expertise and industry experience to continually improve our products, striving to provide robust solutions and competitive prices. Designed for easy integration and reliability, our products have been proven in a variety of industries and applications including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, power, oil and gas, wastewater, and dampers. We also strive to provide exceptional customer support to back our products and keep your downtime to a minimum.

Emme’s full line of pneumatic control products – including our industry recognized rack and pinion actuators – provide cost-effective solutions for simple on/off control or more complicated flow requirements such as diverting or multi-port applications. Our patented adjustable dual travel stops provide the greatest degree of control in the industry at ±10 degrees on each end of the stroke. To complement our actuators we have a complete range of control accessories including solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, and a wide assortment of automation hardware. In addition, Emme Technology offers best-in-class assembly services and turn-key automation packages to minimize installation time and simplify project sourcing.

Emme Technology Srl, con la serie Max-Air, è tra i primi leader al mondo nella fabbricazione di prodotti per l’automazione e il controllo dei processi industriali. Dal 1996 progettiamo e produciamo attuatori pneumatici rotativi per i più svariati settori quali il chimico, il farmaceutico, l’alimentare, l’energetico, il petrolchimico, il trattamento delle acque e molti altri ancora.  Offriamo soluzioni con caratteristiche uniche in termini di flessibilità, intercambiabilità e prestazioni.  Per soddisfare le molteplici esigenze della nostra clientela, oltre alla linea di attuatori Rack and Pinion e Scotch York, completiamo la nostra offerta con un’ampia gamma di accessori tra cui box fine corsa, elettrovalvole, posizionatori e riduttori.

Case Studies | Applicazioni


HazLoc Electric Actuator w/ Segmented Ball Valve

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This Sesto Valves Segmented Ball Valve is being automated by our MX Series HazLoc Electric Actuator. These have become a very common assembly to pass through our shop! All items were pulled from stock and assembled at our North American Headquarters.

4″ Stem Extensions for Sesto Ball Valves

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These 4" Stem Extensions for our Midrange Sesto Valves are great for automation or handle operation!

20″ Stem Extensions on Resilient, Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves

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Pictured here are four of our Delta T Resilient (EPDM Seat & Stainless Disc) Butterfly Valves with 20" Stem Extension and Handle. We can offer Stem Extensions in a variety of sizes. Whether it is 6 inches or 6 feet, we have you covered!

Electric Actuator and Resilient Lug Butterfly Valve Assembly

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Our Max-Electric Actuators and Delta T Butterfly Valves pair well! Quality throughout the entire automation package is our commitment. Both valve and actuator were pulled from stock, and our exceptional machine shop produced the bracket and coupler!