Brackets and Couplers

In an ideal world, all valves would be direct mount and all stems would be the same. However, in the real world we know this is not the case. Max-Air Technology has you covered when it comes to automation hardware, from simple sleeve adapters to custom mounting kits. We keep a healthy stock of standard brackets and sleeve adapters available for quick turnaround. For more custom parts, our in-house machine shop team is experienced in the design and fabrication of mounting hardware for a diverse range of valves and accessories, including custom parts for special applications.

Max-Air standard brackets conform to ISO5211 standards and are available with multiple combinations of ISO patterns (e.g. F03, F04, F05, F07, F10, F12), and are mainly 304/303 SS material for compatibility in corrosive environments. Our sleeve adapters are useful for direct mount applications, and they come in in several shapes and sizes including double-d, single-square, double-square, and keyed. Max-Air adapters are either zinc-plated steel or stainless steel to limit corrosion.

If non-standard parts are needed, Max-Air custom automation hardware starts with quality and accuracy from the ground up. In the design phase, every part is modeled in 3D for design validation and each mounting kit has a unique part number for traceability. Max-Air can provide mounting hardware for both our product line or for other products if a customer supplied drawing or sample is provided. After fabrication, the complete product is quality inspected and mounting bolts and hardware are supplied if applicable.

Custom Solutions Available (But Not Limited To):

    1. Non-Namur Style Limit Switches
    1. Lockout Assemblies
    1. Stem Extensions
    1. 3-Way Tee-Linkage Assemblies
    1. No-Hysteresis Couplings
    1. Gearbox Handwheel Extensions
    1. Scotch Yoke Actuators
    1. Larger Size Valves
    1. Automated Duplex Strainer Kits – ask for more details!
  1. Custom Identification Tags (SS or Aluminum)

Features and Benefits

Pocket Coupling Design Standard

Pocket coupling designs as standard – No Slots!

Sharp Edges Deburred

Sharp edges deburred

Paint Finish

Paint finish for carbon steel parts – high temperature paint available!

Validated and Quality Inspected

All parts design validated and quality inspected

3D Models Available

3D models available

Expedite Services Available

Expedite services available

Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts

Other Materials Available

Other materials available (304 SS, 316 SS, 416 SS)

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions – just ask!