Filter Regulators

Max-Air Technology offers a variety of filter service regulators, which are general purpose air service regulators which are designed to protect air operated equipment from internal contamination while at the same time regulating the air pressure such that specified supply line pressure levels are not exceeded. In most applications, a properly selected pneumatic filter regulator is required and specified according to best engineering practices, and in other installations the lowest cost option is preferred.

Max-Air | Product Portfolio

Models Available

Model Type
MA-63252-NKG Heavy Duty Air Filter Regulator, ¼” NPT, High Flow, 0-120 PSI, w/ Gauge
FR-FISHER-10 Fisher Filter Regulator, No. 10, Type 67CFR, w/ Gauge
MAFRL1N14 Economy Filter Regulator, ¼” NPT, w/ Bracket &* Gauge
YT200-AN21 Heavy Duty Standard Air Filter Regulator, ¼” NPT, High Flow, w/ Gauge

Features and Benefits

High Flow Capacity

Models MA-63252-NKG, YT200-AN21, optimizing your process and productivity

Standard 5-Micron Filter

Model MA-63252-NKG, minimizing internal contamination


No “Yellow Metals” on internal construction, Model MA-63252-NKG, excellent for harsh environments


Standard finish is epoxy powder coated, with option for full stainless steel, all for superior corrosion resistance


No bleed design as standard, Model MA-63252-NKG, minimizing air consumption


Standard Gauge Ports on all models, for responsive and repeatable operation


Filter Dripwell Drain Plug, Model MA-63252-NKG, allowing users to easily drain trapped liquids


Standard Tapped Exhaust, Model MA-63252-NKG, for fast and easy venting of exhaust


Standard with soft relief seat, Model MA-63252-NKG, minimizing air loss through the regulator


Canadian Registration Number (CRN) certification for all territories and provinces, Model MA-63252-NKG