GO Series & GOW Series

Max-Air Technology offers two primary types of gear operators for use with quarter-turn valves; a manual gear, and a declutchable gear. Both types are designed with a broad output torque range, and are generally designed for use with ISO 5211 valve mounting interfaces, but not required. For the declutchable gear, an ISO 5211 interface is standard for the actuator and valve connections. Both units come standard with a female double square output drive, which directly couples to square valve stems, or quickly adapt to smaller square drives, or double-D and keyed drives with the use of adapter bushings.

Product Brochures

Available Options

  • Chain Wheel Operators
  • Stem Extensions
  • Square Operating Nuts
  • Custom Sized Handwheels
  • Standard Lockout Devices
  • Limit Switch Adaptation

Features and Benefits

Compact Design

Both gear and declutch are compact in design and provides a versatile economic solution to enhance quarter-turn valve operation.

ISO Mounting Flanges

Double square connections according to ISO 5211 standards with a wide variety of Max-Air Adapters for all different types of stem connections.

Torque Range

Wide torque range from 1300 in-lbs to 146,000 in-lbs for standard gears, and 2600 in-lbs to 53,000 in-lbs for declutchable gears.


Epoxy coated housing and handwheel, in addition to weather-resistant enclosures allow both gear types to stand up in harsh environments. Full stainless steel input shafts and fasteners are available upon special request.


Suitable for both double acting and spring return applications.

Temperature Range

Wide temperature range from -40F to 500F (-40C to 260C) with corresponding high and low temperature gaskets and lubrication.