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Filter Regulators

Max-Air Technology offers a variety of filter service regulators, which are general purpose air service regulators which are designed to protect air operated equipment from internal contamination while at the same time regulating the air pressure such that specified supply line pressure levels are not exceeded. In most applications, a properly selected pneumatic filter regulator is required and specified according to best engineering practices, and in other installations the lowest cost option is preferred.

High Capacity Flow Devices – HCFD

Max-Air Technology has worked to solve many different types of speed and fluid media requirements for a wide array of valve applications throughout the world. The HCFD series High Capacity Flow Devices have been designed to provide a solution to increasing the volumetric media flow (mainly air or water) into our MT and UT series pneumatic actuators by providing a mechanism to supplement delivery through bypassing the inflow and outflow of media supply to the actuator in question. The HCFD blocks have been designed to work with double acting and spring return applications.

Speed Controls

Max-Air Technology manufactures an excellent range of speed control devices, from basic exhaust mufflers which are affixed to the outlet ports of the SV series solenoid valves, to precision flow control plates which are directly mounted to air inlet ports of a pneumatic actuator. The basic mufflers and speed control muffles are the most economical way to slow down the operational speed of an on/off valve assembly, and also greatly reduces the decibel level air noise of the assembly. The more precise flow control plates are used when a reliable speed is required, or when the air flow into a pneumatic actuator must be controlled to allow positioning equipment to function more reliably, by reducing the amount of noise or overshooting of a set point signal due to hysteresis.

Volume Air Boosters

Max-Air Technology offers several types of air volume boosters, which are used to “boost” the function of the air operation by improving the speed of air delivery, or flow rate, into an actuator. The main principal is that the device converts a low flow signal to a high flow output. This action improves the speed of the connecting equipment (i.e. valve speed operation), providing for rapid cylinder action. It also improves the stability of the system with a properly designed by-pass control function, provides for quick responses to changes in air supply, and provides a fixed deadband as a result of the dual seat design for relating supply and exhaust pressure.

Lockup Valves

Lockup valves are used as an accessory to modulating pneumatic actuators when it is functionally desirable for them to “fail in place” or “fail last position”. They function in response to a pneumatic control signal. When the signal is present, the lockup valve is open and allows the free flow of compressed air from the positioner to the pneumatic actuator. When the lockup valve loses its signal (or it drops below an adjustable set point), the lockup valve closes and prevents the flow of air into or out of the actuator, thereby “locking” the actuated valve assembly in place. When the control signal returns, the valve will reopen. With the use of accessory solenoid valves the system can be configured to lock in position on loss of electrical power as well.

NV62L Block & Bleed Valve

The NV62L Block & Bleed Valve is most commonly used in combination with a declutchable gear override. This Namur accessory mounts in-line with other components such as a Namur solenoid valve, directly to the actuator inlet and exhaust ports. During normal automated operation, the NV62L is disengaged and allows air to pass through. When the manual plunger is engaged, both actuator ports are blocked from incoming air and simultaneously allowed to exhaust (or “bleed”) to atmosphere. In this mode, the user can now manually move the valve without fighting the air supply. Max-Air highly recommends the NV62L Block & Bleed Valve for any automated assembly using a declutch gear override.