Specification, assembly, testing and calibration of custom actuated valve assemblies.

  • Automated Butterfly Valve Packages
  • Automated Ball Valve Packages
  • Termination & Tubing
  • Assembly Drawings & Tags
  • Assembly Testing

Butterfly Valves

  • Manual & Automated Options
  • Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves – 200 PSI
  • High Performance Butterfly Valves – Class 150/300/600
  • Control Butterfly Valves – Anti-Cavitation Control
  • Triple Offset Butterfly Valves Class 150/300/600
  • 3-Way & 4-Way Tee Assemblies Custom 3-Way,
    4-Way, Control, & Divert
  • Exotic Alloys

Midrange Ball Valves

Strict ASME B16.34 Compliance, Fire-Safe.

  • Class 800 2-pc / 3-pc Floating Ball Valves
  • Class 150/300 Flanged Floating Ball Valves
  • Class 150/300 Multiport 3-Way All Valves
  • Class 150/300 Flanged Unibody Floating Ball Valves
  • Class 150/300/600 Flanged Segmented V-Ball Valves
  • Class 150/300/600 Wafer Segmented V-Ball Valves
  • Class 1500/2500 3-PC Floating Ball Valves

Premium Ball Valves

Italian Manufactured, Italian Quality.

  • Custom & Engineered Ball Valves
  • Trunnion Ball Valves
  • Multiport Ball Valves (Trunnion / Floating)
  • Cryogenic Ball Valves
  • Severe Service Ball Valves
  • Modular Block & Bleed Valves

Rack & Pinion Actuators

Air powered rotary actuators for precise action and reliable long-life operation.

  • MT Series Aluminum & UT Series Aluminum
  • SS Series Stainless
  • UT 180° Series Aluminum
  • UT Series Technopolymer
  • GP Series GRP

Scotch Yoke Actuators

Air or fluid powered rotary actuators for heavy duty, high torque applications.

  • HD Series Pneumatic
  • HHD Series Hydraulic
  • Symmetric & Canted
  • Manual Hand Pump Override
  • Custom Cylinders

*Custom Colors Shown: Custom colors available upon request.

Electric Actuators

Electrically powered rotary actuators with ISO 5211 mounting and weatherproof enclosure, for ordinary locations.

  • MA Series Electric
  • ME Series Electric
  • MX Series Electric
  • SE Series Electric
  • SX Series Electric

Light Duty Electric Actuators

Light Duty rotary actuators with ISO 5211 mounting & weatherproof enclosure, for ordinary locations.

  • AE Series Electric

Solenoid Valves

Electrically signaled air switching valves with NAMUR interface or inline NPT ports, for air operated actuators.

  • SV Series NAMUR
  • NV Series Inline
  • SSV Series NAMUR
  • S3 Series NAMUR

Air Controls

Air regulation and management options for air operated actuators.

  • Air Filter Regulators
  • Volume Boosters
  • Mufflers & Speed Controls
  • Block/Bleed & Lockup Valves

Limit Switch Boxes

Discrete open/close feedback switches with weatherproof enclosure and NAMUR shaft interface for air operated actuators.

  • 35 Series Aluminum
  • 41 Series Technopolymer
  • 45 Series Aluminum & Stainless
  • 48 Series Aluminum & Stainless


Proportional control and feedback with weatherproof enclosure and NAMUR shaft interface for air operated actuators.

  • PET Series
  • PXT Series
  • PNY01 Series
  • PE800/PE900 Series

Manual Operators

Handwheel driven gear operators for standalone operation or declutchable manual override.

  • GO Series Manual Gear
  • GOW Series Declutchable

Mounting Hardware

ISO 5211 standard and custom mounting solutions for actuator to valve interfaces.

  • Stem Adapters
  • Quick Ship Mounting Kits
  • Custom Mounting Kits