Max-Air Technology offers a simple and convenient way to minimize installation time by using our termination and tubing services. Why terminate wiring at two locations instead of one?

Max-Air can pre-wire and terminate solenoid valve coils into our limit switch boxes, providing a single access point for electricians to install field wiring. Termination can be ordered for a variety of normal or hazardous duty environments using the ordering codes below.

Max-Air can also install tubing between actuators and positioners or other air handling devices. Tubing is available in nylon, Teflon, or stainless steel – see tubing ordering codes below. Let Max-Air do the work so you don’t have to!

CAUTION: These are only general guidelines. Safe operation in hazardous conditions depends on the exact installation area, which may require additional precautions. Please consult an engineer to verify installation requirements.

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