How Does a Declutchable Gear Operator Work?

A declutch gear operator, also known as a declutch-able manual override or a manual handwheel, is a device commonly used with industrial valves and actuators to manually operate the valve when needed, regardless of the automated or electric control system. It provides a means for manual operation in case of power failure or when maintenance or troubleshooting is required, without removing the actuator.

Here’s a general description of how a declutch gear operator works:

  1. Normal Operation (Clutch Disengaged):
    • In the normal operating mode, the gear operator is “declutched” or disengaged from the actuator and valve drive train, allowing the actuator to freely move the valve without interference.
    • The automated control system or electric motor drives the actuator, and the declutch gear remains in a disengaged state.
  1. Manual Operation (Clutch Engaged):
    • When manual operation is necessary, such as during power outages or system maintenance, the actuator must first be disconnected from the power source to prevent unwanted accidental operation.
    • Next, the operator engages the clutch mechanism.  This engagement allows the gear override to engage the actuator and valve drive train and operate the valve open or closed.
  1. Resume Normal Operation (Clutch Disengaged):
    • After manual operation is complete, the operator disengages the clutch mechanism to disconnect from the actuator and valve drive train.
    • After disengagement, the actuator can be reconnected to the power source for normal automated function.

The images show our Declutchable Gear Operator
and details the Block & Bleed feature. 

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