Max-Air prides itself on being able to deliver working, intact products that are free of damage due to improper care while shipping. Keeping the 1/2” stainless tubing on these scotch yoke actuators free from transit abuse was critical. If the tubing was damaged during handling, this could result in leakage and a failure to perform the requested double acting operation.

Each actuator was strapped to the bottom of the pallet. Walls with raised lids and shrink wrap were constructed to protect the product while maintaining visibility. These 26 pallets containing 96 actuators were loaded on a single truck with a direct route to the end user. Quality packaging ensures that your products arrive safely. Max-Air Technology can bring that level of professionalism to your next project.

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Max-Air Technology is the worldwide leader in automation technology and process control products; we design automation technologies that provide competitive advantages. For more than 15 years, we have engineered improvements, added flexibility and interchangeability to our products to provide customers with The Best Way to Automate Their Process.

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