“Testing the 180° Positioner & Actuator to
the 2:1 gear driven 90° Cyclonic Choke Valve.”

Max-Air Technology had the good fortune to be selected as the actuator of choice by Equipment & Controls Inc., an Emerson Impact Partner located in Lawrence, PA, for a critical pressure reducing and secondary ESD (Emergency Shutdown) solution. The application utilizes a Cyclonic Choke Valve installed as the primary pressure reducing valve (a.k.a the “first cut” in pressure reduction at the wellhead) reducing pressure from 8,000 psi to a much more manageable 1440 psi (Class 600) service.

The Cyclonic Choke Valve utilizes a very effective gear-driven rotating stem design requiring 180° rotation. This is where the Max-Air UT Series pneumatic 180° spring return actuator fit the application perfectly. With the addition of a PMV positioner, the solution provides the unique capability to modulate flow while at the same time providing a mechanical fail-safe (fail close) function. The automated package solution is highly compact, with the added benefit of being field-repairable without taking the valve out of line.

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