This custom high performance butterfly valve assembly operates normally as a modulating fail-close assembly.  As recommended, a filter regulator is used on the input air to the positioner to keep air clean and prevent pressure spikes, helping to extend the life of the positioner.  Using Max-Air’s PEX02 explosion proof positioner w/ external limit switches and a MT46.S4.F07-F10.CH22 spring return actuator, a 4-20mA signal modulates the valve as expected.  However, by closing a 2-way ball valve and turning a 3-way T-port ball valve the inlet plumbing to the actuator is arranged in such a way that the positioner is bypassed and the open/close control is delegated to the auxiliary normal-closed 3-way solenoid valve.  This allows a user to convert this modulating assembly to a simple open/close assembly and vice versa.  In either mode the limit switches provide open/close feedback, regardless of whether the positioner is being used or not. 

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